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The Web Extension that Finds.

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How Does It Work You Ask?
You stumble upon a page that cannot be found or a site with a down server...
We redirect you seamlessly to google cache. If the content cannot be found there we check for the site. Still not found? We give you several manual options to find the content. We are constantly working to expand the caches that are searched through in order to give you better access to the content you need. Please contact us with suggestions for additional features and caches. Or you could donate and help support future development.

Why do we need access to "your data on all websites"?
NotNotFound does not infringe on your privacy! The warning displayed by Google Chrome applies to all extensions that modify web pages. Our code is free to be explored and checked out by everyone who downloads the addon. You can rest assured, we don't collect any of your data using the addon.

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